Custom Jewelry Bar


What is the Custom Jewelry Bar?

The Custom Jewelry Bar is a fun, interactive experience that allows each customer to create their own wire wrapped ring.

How does it work?

1. The customer selects their favorite ring style from the ring displays.
2. They choose the bead they like most.
3. They select a metal finish (gold, copper or silver).
4. I will measure the customer’s ring size and create the ring for them on-site in 2-5 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of metal is used to make the rings?

  • I use a tarnish resistant, plated wire that has a copper or brass base. This wire is nickel and lead free.

    What type of beads to you use?

    • I use stone, glass and metal beads.

    How long does it take to make a custom ring?

    • It takes 2-5 minutes depending on the style and size of the ring.

    What size rings can you make?

    • I can make sizes 3-13.

    Do I need to know my ring size ahead of time?

    • Nope! I will size your finger in person.

    Are ring prices based on ring size?

    • No. The ring size does not change the price.

    What is the price range of your rings?

    • The price range is $18-$22.

    Do you offer the Custom Jewelry Bar at private events (birthday parties, school events, bachelorette parties, etc…)? 

    • I would love to bring the Custom Jewelry Bar to your event! Click here to review pricing guide and inquire about your upcoming private event.